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Tennis Gyan


Are you a tennis fan? Do you play the sport or do you follow it?

If you play the sport and follow it, you are just like me. 🙂

Good to umm, e-meet you!

Tennis Gyan is a Tennis Hubspot

And by ‘Tennis Hubspot’ I mean, it’s literally the one stop place in the web for everything related to Tennis.

While this is no replacement to the ATP or WTA websites, Tennis Gyan can actually help you with a few things that the former websites can’t.
Some of these features in Tennis Gyan might seem to be useful especially if you play Tennis.

That does not mean that if you do not play the sport, you can’t get something out of Tennis Gyan, we’ve got tons of things for Tennis followers as well.

So, without further ado, Here’s what Tennis Gyan can help with: –

    • Discover Tennis Courts in India (Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore to start with). 
    • Lots of Tennis Blogs and articles to relish you with everything related to tennis. 
    • Unleash Tennis Court Reviews. 
  • Find Tennis Players to play with.

Kaoushik Ramachandran


I am Kaoushik Ramachandran, the founder of Tennis Gyan.

Next Steps…

As you can see, you can actually make use of Tennis Gyan (real time) to help yourself discover tennis courts nearby and find partners to rally with.

Tennis Gyan helps you find courts, find players and improve your game.
We are from India and this website works in India of course, to start with.

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