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Tennis Gyan is one of the best tennis websites (hubspot) for tennis lovers. If you are looking for some interesting tennis related stuff, look no further. Simply click on the link and discover our blog section.

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We offer a comprehensive list of various tennis courts in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.

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Did you know that you can read reviews of tennis courts here before you hit em’? Take a virtual tour of the court before you actually play on it.

View pictures of tennis courts, contact details, location and even find a partner to play with!

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There are three main things that you can do in Tennis Gyan:-

  1. Read our blog
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  3. View Tennis Court Reviews

For now, the tennis courts nearby & tennis court review features are limited only to Hyderabad, Chennai & Bengaluru.

You can also find hitting partners and players to play with on Tennis Gyan.

If you do need coaching and assistance in taking your game to the next level, we help you find the most suitable coach for your tennis.