Badminton Racquet Brands – Choose The Right Brand For You!

Badminton is considered one of the most famous sports of all time. To play this sport well you need a good badminton racket. Just like choosing a certain product, you must pay attention to its brand first. 

If you still do not have enough information about the badminton brands on the market, the article “Badminton Racquet Brands” will provide you with basic knowledge about the No. 1 badminton racket brands in the world today.

What is a badminton racket?

A Badminton racket is one of the important items, a must-have when participating in badminton clubs, practicing, and competing. On the market today, badminton rackets are manufactured and sold with many different brands.

Criteria to consider when choosing to buy badminton rackets

Criteria to consider when choosing to buy badminton rackets

When choosing a badminton racket, you should find out information and properties suitable for your ability according to certain criteria as follows:

#1. Quality

Not everywhere sell genuine badminton rackets, To distinguish genuine badminton rackets, you need to consider the indicators including racket, structure, material…

#2. Type of badminton

Badminton is divided into 3 types offensive badminton rackets, defensive badminton rackets, and balance badminton rackets for all-around offensive players.

#3. Brands

Currently, on the market, many badminton brands are highly appreciated by users such as Yonex, Proace, Fleet, Victor, Lining, or Forza brands…

#4. Price 

Depending on the pocket of each person, you can choose racquets at different prices. They usually cost $50 or more.

Therefore, depending on the audience and needs of each person, you can choose the right racket to meet your needs.

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The standard size of badminton racket

These are the criteria and parameters that professional badminton players need to know. If the racquet does not match these indicators, it will not be allowed to participate in the competition. Below are the standard specifications of badminton rackets competing around the world.

The standard size of badminton racket

About the size of the racket frame:

  • Length < 68cm.
  • Width < 23cm.

About the knitting area:

  • Length < 28cm.
  • Width < 22cm.

The length of the head of the racquet is less than 29cm.

Weight of racket 73-102 grams.

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Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

Badminton is one of the most popular sports. They are suitable for both men and women, because they are not too heavy, and they are not too difficult to practice. 

To practice or play them the best you need effective assistants. Therefore, when choosing a racquet you need to pay attention to the following points.

Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets
Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

#1. Choose a racket of the right weight

When choosing to buy badminton, what you need to pay attention to is the weight of the badminton racket or in other words, the U parameter. This parameter is denoted by the letter U printed on the stamp on the next handle adjacent to the racquet body.

As a rule, the larger the U-number, the lighter the racket weight. For Asians, the 3U badminton racket (85-89 gr) is a moderate-weight racket, very suitable for beginners to play badminton. 

If you have strong arms and wrists, you can choose a 2U racket (90-94 gr). Women and children can choose a lighter weight badminton racket of 4U (80-84 gr) or 5U (under 80 gr).

#2. Pay attention to the parameter G (grip of the racquet)

The parameter G, or shaft circumference, is represented by the letter G printed on the stamp along with the weight of the racket. As a rule, the larger the G number, the smaller the grip circumference. People with large hands, often use a grip with a circumference of G2, G3, and for the average person, they often use G4, G5.

When playing badminton, many people like to wrap the racquet handle to make it stronger and more decisive. However, the drawback of this is that it makes it difficult for the player to rotate the racquet, unable to switch from attack to defense.

For a too small grip, it will make your grip more flexible but will feel loose, when hitting the shuttle, there will be less force.

Therefore, you need to choose the grip size and how to wrap the racquet handle to suit your hand size to improve your best playing skills.

#3. The balance point of badminton racket

The balance point is also a consideration while choosing a badminton racket. In badminton rackets, most consider racquets with bp < 285mm as headlight, from 285-295mm as balanced to slightly head heavy, > 295mm as very head heavy. 

The balance of the racket indicates whether the racquet is heavy or light. This is quite important, affecting the style of play and the efficiency of the game.

  • Racquets – heavy (heavy head) or offensive (aggressive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, deep bridges to the bottom of the court.
  • Even balance racket: Suitable for beginners or need flexibility when playing singles
  • Player – light head or defensive racket: suitable for blocking and cutting shots. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

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#4. Suitable racket length

When choosing to buy a badminton racket, you need to pay attention to the length of the racquet. As a rule, the lowest length of the racquet is 665mm and the longest is 680mm. Depending on the height of the player, you will choose the appropriate length racquet.

There are quite a few racquets marked “long” or “long size”, with a length of about 675 mm. Among the manufacturers, Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets, most Yonex models are 675 mm long, Gosen even inched a little further (678 mm).

Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets
Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets

#5. Badminton racket stick flexibility

The plasticity of badminton rackets is usually divided into 5 levels:

  • Very flexible: The ball is slick, it is difficult to control the ball, but for the opponent is difficult to guess the direction
  • Flexible: Hit the shuttlecock lightly and skillfully. Suitable for energy-saving and defense-heavy gameplay
  • Medium: This type of craft is average. For good amateur players, this type is very suitable. When choosing to buy this type, pay attention to the weight and balance point to choose the right one for your forte.
  • Hard: Hit the shuttlecock hard. Suitable for young, powerful people.Very hard: Extremely powerful, precise smash. Powerful wrist jerk. This type is suitable for professional athletes.

#6. Racquet balance point

Choosing a badminton racket with the right balance will make it easier for you to hit badminton and make progress in this sport. Before buying a badminton racket, you should determine which style of play you are suitable for to choose a badminton racket with an appropriate balance point. Here are the styles of badminton rackets you can choose from:

  • Heavy Head badminton racket (Heavy Head) or Offensive (offensive): This racket is suitable for smashing, hitting hard, hitting the shuttlecock deep into the court, also known as an offensive racket.
  • Even Balance badminton racket: The racket is suitable for offensive-defensive play.
  • Light Head or defensive badminton racket: This racket is suitable for players with blocking, cutting, pushing, and slashing shots.

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Badminton racket brands

There are many badminton brands on the market, different brands, each brand, each line of racquets has different structures, features, and prices. Offers different racquet experiences. It’s up to you how you play and what brand you’re a fan of. 

The current famous racquet lines: Yonex, Lining, Victor, Forza, Protech, Kawasaki, Apacs, VNB…

Badminton racket brands

#1. Yonex badminton racket brand

Currently, Yonex is still the world’s leading famous badminton racket brand. In the world, over 81% of professional badminton players choose this brand of badminton racket as their effective assistant in domestic and international matches.

The high-end Yonex racket was born in 1946, originating from Japan. The intermediate racket is made in Taiwan and the beginner racket is made in China. If you choose to buy this type of racket, you need to pay attention because it is copied a lot.

The badminton rackets manufactured by Yonex ensure stability and speed. With a square and curved head design on impact, Yonex badminton rackets help players keep the shuttlecock on the racquet for longer. These racquets are suitable for both novice and professional players.

#2. Brand Victor badminton racket

VICTOR was born in 1968 and is a major badminton racket brand from Taiwan. At present, the products have spread over 40 countries and regions all over the world.

Most of Victor’s badminton racquets provide players with maximum power in quick smashes and counterattacks.

Although it has been highly appreciated by customers, Dengli Chen – the owner of this brand is still not satisfied and aims to strive that “VICTOR will be the most developed badminton brand in the world”.

#3. Brand Lining badminton racket

The Lining is a famous global sportswear manufacturer in China.
The Lining is a famous global sportswear manufacturer in China.

The Lining is a famous global sportswear manufacturer in China. After more than 25 years of development, Lining has risen to the position of the world’s leading famous brands. Badminton racket is also a main product of the company, which is highly appreciated by users.

Lining owns a wide range of badminton rackets and accessories. The brand’s racquet lines are distributed to suit the playing needs of each user. 

The strength of the Lining badminton company is to very specifically divide each racquet line, each segment to suit the players’ fitness and their search needs. Racquets are divided into 3 main types, which are natural rackets, balance rackets, and high power.

#4. Brands badminton rackets RSL

RSL was born in 1928 and is a brand of badminton rackets from England.

Products from the UK are highly appreciated for their perfection as well as certainty during use. The frame of the racket as well as the paint is very durable despite frequent bumps.

RSL badminton racket brand classifies racquets according to the level of power and control of the shuttle. According to this criterion, there are 3 main types of racquets: offensive rackets, defensive rackets, and balanced rackets between attack and defense.

#5. Proace badminton racket brand

Proace mid-range badminton racket is easy to play and suitable for beginners
Proace mid-range badminton racket is easy to play and suitable for beginners

Founded in the UK in 1978, Proace has strived to provide excellent Tennis, Badminton, and Golf equipment to amateurs and athletes.

Proace mid-range badminton racket is easy to play and suitable for beginners. Proace’s more advanced line of racquets is the pinnacle of racquets.

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Above is the entire “Badminton Racquet Brands” for everyone we want to share. Hopefully, the above advice is useful and can help you choose the best racquet for you. Wish you choose a racket that is suitable for you!