Badminton trick shots – Detailed Guide for Beginner 2023

Badminton trick shots are used to fool your opponent. They help to confuse your opponent in high-pressure situations and can give you an advantage if executed correctly. It can easily assist you in winning a rally.

Many trick shots have been used over the years by elite players such as Lin Dan, Tai Tzu Ying, and others, inspiring other players to learn them. These trick shots, on the other hand, develop with practice and experience.

In this article, I will go over a few trick shots that will help you improve your game in both singles and doubles. So, learn about them all and put them to use in your daily practice sessions.

Lin Dan’s Baseline Move

Lin Dan, the badminton legend, inspired this trick.
Lin Dan, the badminton legend, inspired this trick.

Lin Dan, the badminton legend, inspired this trick. In this game, you must run to the backcourt and hit the shuttle just before it touches the ground, rotating your forehand and body as you hit.

Remember that you will not be facing the net when you hit the shuttle. You must hit the shuttle very hard in order for it to cross the net and land on the opponent’s court.

This is a trick shot because your opponent will either believe you won’t be able to hit the shuttle or believe you won’t be able to predict where it will land. Furthermore, he/she would be late for the shuttle. Bend your wrist as you hit the shuttle to make it go crosscourt.

Legs crossed with a net

This trick shot is similar to lunging towards the net for a normal net shot, but hitting the shuttle from between your legs. You perform a double-action, first pretending to hit the shuttle as if it were a normal net shot, which confuses your opponent because he/she is expecting a normal net shot.

You step in front of the shuttle and aim for a cross net shot between your legs right away before it touches the court’s surface. You must be quick enough to step in front of the shuttle and hit it with a small push with your fingers gripped.

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Signature of Peter Gade

Signature of Peter Gade

This trick shot is named after Peter Gade, a living legend. It is used when your opponent tries to hit you with a backhand net shot. The trick here is to pretend to hit a backhand net shot to confuse your opponent, then hit the shuttle aiming for a cross-court net shot with the racquet head pointing downwards.

Rotate your forearm from the outside of the shuttle to accomplish this. Again, you must act quickly so that the shuttle can reach the ground.

Backhand Top Spin in Tennis

When the shuttle reaches your backhand midcourt area at a slightly higher height, use this trick shot. The trick here is to hit the shuttle to your opponent’s crosscourt area.

This is done with the thumb grip, which allows you to swing from the bottom to get a spin. Then you rotate the forearm and swing over with a lot of topspin.

This will fool your opponent because he or she will be unprepared for the return. This shot necessitates a complete rotation of your forearm as well as your shoulder.

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Tricks for doubling your defense

Tricks for doubling your defense

When you are being attacked with smashes, use this trick. You can hit the shuttle normally in your first defense. You can, however, defend the shuttle by hitting it behind the back and between the legs to confuse your opponent when he/she smashes again. A small jump while hitting it improves it.

This trick shot is just for fun, and you can generate power with small strokes and your fingers. It can also strike you from behind your back or the side of your body.

With the Grip, return

This shot is comparable to hitting a standard net shot very close to the net. The only difference is that instead of hitting the shuttle with your racquet, you hit it with the grip of your racquet. This causes the shuttle to fall very close to your opponent’s net, making it difficult to return at times.

The trick here is that while your opponent expects you to hit the shuttle with the racquet, you deceive them by playing with your grip, which they are unprepared for. Bend the racquet backward and hit the shuttle with the bottom of your grip, making it look like a normal return.

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Slice Return/Cut with the wrong strings

When you receive the shuttle at the back end of the court, use this trick shot.
When you receive the shuttle at the back end of the court, use this trick shot.

When you receive the shuttle at the back end of the court, use this trick shot. Make it appear to be a normal shot before slicing it with the wrong strings on your racquet. This return will catch your opponent off guard because he or she is unprepared for it.

Using the thumb grip, a slice return gives the shuttle a spinning movement. It also alters the angle of the opponent’s return. Depending on your position at the last moment of hitting the shuttle, the racquet head is angled inwards or outwards.

So, even though the racquet head appears to move forward to the opponent’s eyes, it actually travels cross court. A slice return, for example, causes the shuttle to travel in a curvilinear path, making it difficult for your opponent to face or return it. Remember to launch the shuttle high and in front of you.

Crazy-Cross Forehand

When you receive the shuttle at the forehand net corner of the court, you can use this trick shot. Begin your return with a standard forehand grip and position.

Rotate the forearm outwards immediately to allow it to bend properly. Then, from the outside, hit the shuttle so that it crosses the net on the opposite side of the court. Your opponent will be caught off guard by this shot.

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Serve with a Magic Spin

Serve with a Magic Spin is a serve trick for the forehand.
Serve with a Magic Spin is a serve trick for the forehand.

This is a serve trick for the forehand. In this, use a downward curved swing to hit the shuttle on the side. This will spin the shuttle, making it difficult for your opponent to return. This is one of the most basic and widely used trick shots.

Serve Sukamuljo Spin

Kevin Sikamulji, a doubles legend, inspired this service. You must hit the shuttle’s edge without touching the feathers, as this would be considered a flaw.

Instead of hitting the shuttle straight, change the angle slightly towards your body so that you can hit from the shuttle’s edge. Second, do not hit the racquet straight. The spin will be produced if you hit in the opposite direction, i.e., away from the direction you want to serve.

This makes the opponent’s return difficult. Allow the racquet to go slightly under the shuttle on impact. A flawless serve will send the feathers flying over the net first.

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Phony smash

This trick is most commonly seen in men’s singles. You pretend to clear the shuttle with a jump smash on this level. This will create a mental image of a smash in the mind of your opponent. Instead of a smash, you would hit a straight or cross-court drop.

As a result, your opponent will expect the shuttle to be a smash, but a drop will catch them off guard. Your opponent will either arrive late or will be unable to return the shuttle.

Trick Shot with Changed Direction and Force

Trick Shot with Changed Direction and Force

This one combines all of the previous tricks into one. Because you’re performing two tricks at once, it has the potential to confuse even more people. However, it takes a lot of practice and agility to pull it off.

Move the head of your racket forward as if you were about to hit something. Allow your swing to appear powerful and aimed at the shuttle. Change the direction of the shot and reduce the force of the swing just as you’re about to take the hit. It will cause the shuttle to travel less distance while also causing it to turn in a different direction.

Your opponent will be stunned by the slowed shot and sudden change of direction. The shuttlecock will not only land on the side of their court they did not expect, but it will also be too far away to allow any save.

Shot from a Long Distance

This shot is similar to the power-hit trick, except you don’t pull back to dissipate the swing energy. Instead, you collide with the shuttle in such a way that it arcs low and lands near the net.

Swing quickly and forcefully to complete it. Strike the shuttlecock just below the cock when you reach it. As a result, it travels only a short distance before dipping. Your opponent will be expecting a powerfully hit shuttle on the other side of the court, and their reaction time to defend will be insufficient.

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Trick Shot Using Racket Direction

Trick Shot Using Racket Direction is fairly straightforward.
Trick Shot Using Racket Direction is fairly straightforward.

This trick shot is fairly straightforward. To do so, move the racket forward as if hitting the shuttlecock in a specific direction. Give your opponent enough time to prepare for defense based on the orientation of your racket. Then, change abruptly and board a shuttle bound for a different location.

You will send your competitor in the wrong direction. You’ll have won a rally before they can get their act together. Include as many directions as possible for this shot to be effective. It will keep your opponent from anticipating your moves.

Trick Shot with Power

You pretend to hit the shuttle with force in this shot but pull back just in time to startle your opponent. It works best when the opposing player anticipates a high-flying clear. You make a dipping shot instead.

Make a big swing with your racket, as if you’re going for a power hit. This will fool your opponent into thinking you’re going to take a long shot. Slow down sharply as you approach the shuttle. Directly lower the shuttlecock. Make it as close to the net as possible. You want it to be far enough away from your opponent that you can win a rally with it.

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All badminton trick shots appear to be very amusing, but they require a great deal of practice and confidence to execute correctly. As a result, keep practicing and pushing your limits every day.

You may have also heard of doing things correctly at the right time. To take full advantage of a trick shot, you must execute it at the right time.

I hope these tips help you keep your game in your favor. If you found this article helpful, please share it with others so that they can benefit as well.

Thank you for your time. Have fun with the game!