Top 6 Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets 2023 & Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional tennis player or a novice, you also need to own a quality racquet that delivers powerful, decisive, and accurate smashes. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the famous American Ashaway badminton racket brand, helping you choose the most suitable racquet for you. Follow the article “Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets” below!

About badminton rackets?

The badminton racket is a badminton sports tool, specially designed with high elasticity when touching and in contact with the badminton ball, which controls the direction of the ball.

The badminton racket is designed with a round frame and a net in the middle to create elasticity, which is also the place to contact the badminton ball. The user will control it with a high-rigidity handle that creates a length to reach the shuttlecock at long distances.

Badminton Rackets
Badminton Rackets

How many types of badminton rackets are there today?

How many types of badminton rackets are there today?

Badminton rackets have been around for a long time on the market, developed with a variety of quality designs and features to meet user tastes. The classification of existing badminton rackets will help users easily choose the best one:

  • Heavyweight badminton racket: The weight of the racket is quite heavy, the need for a large size racket, is suitable for people with strong hand strength, and high racket durability.
  • Speed ​​Badminton Racket: The racquet has a lightweight structure that is durable but is designed with a larger mesh to reduce wind resistance and increase handling speed for those who need speed.

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About Ashaway badminton racket brand

About Ashaway badminton racket brand
About Ashaway badminton racket brand

Ashaway is a famous American badminton racket brand that has many years of experience in the sports industry. Its products are always highly appreciated, and of international quality, becoming the choice of many players when participating in big and small tournaments.

Ashaway is perhaps more famous for producing the famous badminton, tennis, and squash nets around the world, especially in the US and UK.

Ashaway badminton rackets give players a strong feeling of power but are still light. The Ashaway line of badminton rackets proves to be suitable for middleweight badminton players or badminton players for practice purposes.

Ashaway badminton racquets are manufactured with high-quality Graphite + Carbon fiber materials with Nanotechnology to help the racket frame withstand tension up to 32 lbs. The inner arc is designed to be thicker than the standard one, helping players have powerful, firm hits that make opponents wary.

Outstanding advantages of Ashaway badminton rackets

Outstanding advantages of Ashaway badminton rackets
Outstanding advantages of Ashaway badminton rackets

Thanks to being manufactured according to international standards, Ashaway badminton rackets can meet all players’ needs. They provide a comfortable feel, helping players to have super flexible smashes with outstanding power.

Currently, Ashaway is providing users with many choices of product lines from natural, from natural to balanced. Thanks to being made of high-quality materials, the racquet is very difficult to break or deform in the event of a strong collision.

The advantage of the product lines manufactured by Ashaway is that they have high durability, and excellent elasticity, helping players have strong and decisive smashes without having to spend too much effort. In particular, the Ashaway badminton racket has a very affordable price any player can own a genuine, quality racquet.

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Top 6 Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets

There are many models on the market today and they are all very good for you to choose from. If you are wondering about finding a badminton racket that you like, you can refer to the interesting suggestions below!

#1. Ashaway Viper XT 1600 Racquet

The Ashaway Viper XT 1600 is the most powerful racquet in the Viper Series.

The main color of this racquet is grayish-brown with a matte finish on orange decals. The colored string gives the racquet an elegant look and it also has top-quality strings.

Rigid-flex and 86g weight designed for players looking for extra strength. The X-Treme tension frame technology used in the Viper product line makes this racquet able to withstand higher string tension than the market standard. This also results in better control and less string movement when hitting hard hits.

Viper Weave Technology integrates Meta-Composite into Viper Skin Weave with ultralight Graphite and new Japanese Nano Carbon. This creates an X-Treme tension frame with low torque and virtually no lateral movement on impact, even during a miss. They make the Ashaway Viper racquet more resistant to string tension than market standards, resulting in better control and less string movement. This further increases the accuracy when hitting.

The racquet has a stiff shaft to increase power for players with an offensive mindset. Also added to the Ashaway Viper XT1600 is a two-piece tubular shaft for increased torsional power to create this X-Treme Ultra Power Tension Frame.

#2. Ashaway Phantom X Fire II

Ashaway Phantom X Fire II is a “super product” from the American brand Ashaway. With a cheaper price than many other famous racquets, but the quality is not far away, this product has been trusted and chosen by many people. So you can be assured of the quality and design of this USA badminton racket.

The racquet weighs 3U (85-89g) and grip size of 2 which is comparable to the G5 in other models. Furthermore, the shaft is super smooth, measuring 6.5mm in diameter. This makes its response faster than other common racquets. Not only that, its smaller frame makes the power more powerful and gives the player a great feeling when hitting the shuttle. When hitting the bridge, we do not feel the vibration of the racquet head, the bridge plugs into the field firmly. When reflected, the force of the USA badminton racket is quite stable.

The X-Fire II was developed with the Phantom Air Flow System, this frame is thinner and now even stronger at the top so it can glide through the air with maximum speed and power. Ultra Slim configuration, ideal for stronger players. Used by top Ashaway players, this racquet has now been boosted with head power so it can stretch even further. Upgraded with the Zymax Fire 69 string also allows for instant gig play.

Another plus point that can be mentioned is that the racket stands out with the dominant orange color. Players will be captivated, unable to take their eyes off. The product is also covered with a good layer of paint and burns, it is difficult to peel off later.

#3. Ashaway Force Gx 20

Ashaway Force Gx 20 is being trusted by many badminton players because of its good quality and reasonable price.

This is a racket suitable for new badminton players who have not yet formed their style of play or prefer a fast and powerful attack, precise control, and comprehensive play.

The racket has a medium hardness that helps to swing the racquet quickly, and neatly, and better concentrate the player’s hand. The weight of the racquet is suitable for the majority of players, so it is easy to master the racquet. Each swing of the racquet gives good results to help players have powerful, firm hits that make opponents wary. Balanced racket, 4U mass, head weight about 290mm, firm grip suitable for all-round manual play.

Designed with two main colors, black and white, with highlights of gold and copper details to bring health and dynamism. Racket material is made of high-quality Carbon, so it has good hardness, and the ability to withstand strong impact forces.

Extremely good elasticity racquet helps players to have fast, powerful, and decisive attacks. The firm grip helps players have quick, neat, decisive movements and have a better feeling with each shot.

#4. Ashaway Aerotec 800

Ashaway Aerotec 800 is a typical product of the badminton racket line from Ashaway which is considered to have many beautiful designs, diverse products, and each type of racket is suitable for all ages.

Racket designed for tactical and semi-offensive players. The racquet was created to help players create control and power using the latest technologies. With a lightweight, supple, powerful design, the racket will be the best companion for professional athletes in spectacular attacks.

Ashaway badminton racket manufactured by New Nanotechnology. Aerotec material for professional players. The racquet’s T-Joint is specially designed for stability during use. High-grade rubber is durable with great tension to ensure no cracking.

This is a super light racquet with a heavy head frame and aerodynamics (for offensive purposes). It offers the power to smash plus good control and smash protection. The racket is easy to tame and painless because it is remarkably light. It’s also easier to get your smashes back due to the lightweight feel of the racket. Surprising opponents with very easy shots.

The lower part of the racket has an impressive design when combining two twisted red and black colors that attract all eyes. Overall, the racquet has a meticulous and beautiful design.

#5. Ashaway Striker Force 80

Ashaway Striker Force 80 is an intermediate-level racquet. The racquet provides great power and power for smashes, forehand, and forehand.

This racquet is developed using a High Modulus graphite material which gives the racquet a higher string tension retention capacity. The racket frame is made of graphite material and the shaft uses high modulus graphite. The head has an isometric shape that gives it an effective hitting ability. This is a mid-air racket that is suitable for advanced players who like to play offensively.

The weight of the racquet is about 84 gms while the max tension racquet can hold up to 30 lbs. Racquets developed with Ashaway HEX FRAME technology have a hexagonal frame cross-section for better swing speed and transfer of power to the shuttle.

Racket developed VIPER WEAVES Racket Technology where viper permissive is mixed with carbon fiber to provide better power to the frame. This will help with better stability and power transmission. This is the latest product launched by Ashaway Badminton with all new and improved features, technology, and improvements.

#6. Ashaway Carbon Pro 5000

The Ashaway Carbon Pro 5000 looks elegant with the finished design giving it a lovely look.

It has a 40 T peak high modulus carbon graphite. It weighs about 85 grams. It has a high-tension frame with a lightweight top.

The racquet features a stiff shaft and mid-to-head-heavy balance and is designed to deliver powerful shots from above, as well as mid-to-front control.

Manufactured with high-grade Graphite + Carbon fiber with Nanotechnology, the frame can withstand up to 28 lbs of post-tension. The arc on the frame is designed to be thicker than the standard one. This technology reduces vibration by distributing the impact force more evenly around the frame.

Allowing precise control over the racquet’s function, achieving an ultra-lightweight, and making swings faster and more stable than conventional racquets, the racket helps players achieve their best performance.

Racquet design still attracts all eyes, especially men, this is because of the perfect and harmonious combination of two prominent dark blue and red colors.

How to choose the best Ashaway badminton racket

How to choose the best Ashaway badminton racket
How to choose the best Ashaway badminton racket

Badminton is a popular sport badminton rackets are sold on the market with a variety of models along with poor quality products with substandard designs. To play badminton effectively, users need to know the parameters of badminton rackets. Below are the criteria to evaluate the best Ashaway badminton racket suitable for use.

#1. Weight of badminton racket

Important criteria players need to keep in mind when choosing a racquet because too heavy a racket will affect speed, but too light will make it difficult to control the racket correctly.

The racquet mass will be expressed in U and the standard is 100g, where the larger U is, the lighter the racket mass, the racquet mass is 100 – xU, U is equivalent to 5g, for example, a 2U racket with a mass of 100 – 2×5 = 90g, 3U is 85g.

#2. Handle circumference of the racquet

The grip circumference is expressed in units of G, where the larger G is, the smaller the grip circumference is. Users choose the grip circumference to fit the handle for precise manipulation, the grip is not too loose or too large to be controlled. control, used for Vietnamese people G is usually G4 or G5.

#3. Length of racket

Racquet length is the entire length of the racquet, usually designed with a standard of 665 mm or 680 mm to enhance the ability to hit the shuttlecock.

Length of badminton racket
Length of badminton racket

#4. Racquet balance point

This is a parameter that shows the player’s ability to hit and tactics. The balance point shows that there are 3 types of racquets, heavy or light:

  • Offensive racket: Head heavy for powerful shots capable of racing the bridge at high speed to the end of the court.
  • Overcoming attack and defense: More balanced.
  • Player racket: the lighter head is used for kicks, blocks, and supports.

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#5. The flexibility of the racquet handle

The grip flexibility for shuttlecock maneuvers varies depending on the player’s playing style. Note that the grip flexibility is divided into five levels:

– Very flexible handle: For a slick transmission, it will be more difficult to control, but it will also be difficult for the opponent to determine the direction.

– Flexible racquet handle: For flexible manipulation, without much effort, prioritizing more defense.

– Medium Grip: For the average level of attack the most used type.

– Hard handle: In favor of strength for large smashing power.

– Very stiff handle: For powerful, high-precision actions, definitely suitable for professional athletes.

The flexibility of badminton racket handle
The flexibility of badminton racket handle

#6. Racquet string

The larger the string size, the higher the bounce, the larger the racket mass, and the higher the accuracy of the manipulation. Strings with a small diameter will limit durability in favor of speed and give a good bounce.


Above are the “Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets” selected for their good quality, affordable price, and suitable for a large number of customers. Hopefully, through this article, you will have good suggestions to choose for yourself a special racket. Contact us to find out useful information related to genuine and quality sports products!