Top 10 Famous Badminton Players And Their Achievements

Badminton is one of the most loved sports in the world, professional badminton tournaments are also very interested. Our ranking of 10 famous badminton players and their achievements is based on the world rankings of badminton and the performance of the players over the years.

10 Famous Badminton Players And Their Achievements

10 Famous Badminton Players And Their Achievements
10 Famous Badminton Players And Their Achievements

#1. Chen Long

Chen Long is a Chinese professional badminton player, born in 1989. He won the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics and the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in men’s singles. In addition, he also won the World Championship twice and the All England Championship twice. Overcoming Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long rose to world No. 1 and won the 2014 Super Series Finals badminton championship.

Chen Long - Famous Badminton Players

Chen Long – Famous badminton player in China

#2. Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei is a Chinese-Malaysian professional badminton player, born in 1982. He held the top spot for 199 weeks from August 21, 2008, to June 14, 2012, on the Federation rankings world badminton. He won silver medals at three Summer Olympics, 2008, 2012, 2016, and became the 6th Malaysian to win a medal at the Olympics. He is also the first Malaysian to reach the men’s singles final at the Olympics.

Lee Chong Wei - badminton famous players

Lee Chong Wei – Famous Malaysian badminton player

#3. Lin Dan

Lin Dan is a Chinese professional badminton player, born in 1983. He has won 5 world championships, won 2 Olympic gold medals, 6 times all England champion, 5 Thomas Cup titles, 2 titles World Cup titles, and 4 times ASIAD champions. His playing style also impressed the audience. People compare him to the perfection of Federer in tennis because his steps are like a dancer on stage.

Lin Dan - badminton famous players

Lin Dan – Famous badminton player in China

#4. Viktor Axelsen

Viktor Axelsen is a Danish professional badminton player, born in 1994. He won the World Youth Championship in 2010 and won the European Youth Championship title in 2011. He is a talented young player with potential and expected by many. In addition, Axelsen is also a person with a positive and professional spirit. Hard work and natural talent have helped this young player achieve more success and opportunities to go further in the future.

Viktor Axelsen -badminton famous players

Viktor Axelsen – Famous Danish badminton player

#5. Jan Østergaard Jørgensen

Jan Østergaard Jørgensen is a Danish professional badminton player, born in 1987. He is the European Badminton Championships (EBC) Champion 2014, won the bronze medal in 2008, the silver medal in 2010, and the bronze medal in 2012. In addition, at the Danish championship, he was continuously crowned in 2012, 2013. He was also the runner-up of the 2009 China Open Badminton Championship and was crowned champion at the Badminton Tournament feathers French Open 2013.

Jan Østergaard Jørgensen-badminton famous players

Jan Østergaard Jørgensen – Famous Danish badminton player

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#6. Tian Houwei

Tian Houwei is a Chinese professional badminton player, born in 1992. He is known as a new Chinese badminton player in recent years and is considered a new phenomenon of badminton in the world. Tian Houwei has had many outstanding achievements and has gradually made amazing advancements. He once defeated Lee Chong Wei to win the Australian Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament in 2013. At the London Grand Prix badminton tournament, this young player even defeated the world’s No 20 player Hans-Kristian Vittinghus.

Tian Houwei-badminton famous players

Tian Houwei – Famous badminton player in China

#7. Chou Tien-chen

Chou Tien-chen is a Taiwanese professional badminton player, born in 1990. He is known for his tough, durable, and flexible playing style. His best achievement is 2nd place in the world in 2019-2021. He participated in the Olympics, Asian Games, and the World Badminton Federation tournaments. Chou Tien-chen holds many achievement records of Taiwanese athletes such as the first Taiwanese male player to win the World Tour tournament, the highest ranked male player in the world. He is considered to have opened a new era of badminton in Taiwan, as well as the best male badminton player in Taiwanese sports history.

Chou Tien-chen-badminton famous players

Chou Tien-chen – Famous Taiwanese badminton player

#8. Tommy Sugiarto

Tommy Sugiarto is an Indonesian professional badminton player, born in 1988. He is one of the best men’s badminton players in Indonesia. Possessing a height of 1m75, a weight of 70kg, a strong figure, agile movement techniques, and skillful racket control have helped Tommy Sugiarto achieve many outstanding achievements. He won many prestigious awards such as Thomas Cup, Junior Cup, Asian Championship, World Championship. He is honored to be in the top 10 outstanding badminton players today with a total of 284 wins in his playing career.

Tommy Sugiarto-badminton famous players

Tommy Sugiarto – Famous Indonesian badminton player

#9. Son Wan-ho

Son Wan-Ho is a Korean professional badminton player, born in 1988. He owns a height of 1m76, a weight of 65kg, a slim figure with fast handling techniques and skillful defense. Son Wan-Ho has won many major awards such as the 2013 Kumple Macau Open champion, Taiwan 2013. He helped the Korean national team reach the final at the Sudirman Cup and win that tournament.

Son Wan-ho-badminton famous players

Son Wan-Ho – Famous Korean badminton player

#10. Marc Zwiebler

Marc Zwiebler is a German professional badminton player, born in 1984. He is a seven-time German national badminton champion, won a gold medal at the 2012 European Championships, a bronze medal at the Olympics 2008 Olympics, won the Danish Open in 2009.

Marc Zwiebler-badminton famous players

Marc Zwiebler – Famous German badminton player

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Final Words 

Above is an article about the top 10 famous badminton players and their achievements, hopefully, the information we share will help you, especially those who love this interesting sport. Hello and see you in the next article.