What Is Break Point Tennis? Definition of Break Point

What Is Break Point Tennis_ Definition of Break Point

Tennis is a sport with razor-thin rules. A few points here and there can frequently determine a game. Even a straightforward victory will have had multiple crucial moments that could have turned a game, set, or even the match on its head, even though it may not always seem that way. As a result, winning … Read more

What is volley in tennis? Definition, Steps & Useful Tips

What is volley in tennis_ Definition, Steps & Useful Tips

To return the ball over the net in a game of tennis, you can use a variety of shots. A volley is one of the most common shots in tennis. But what is a volley in tennis, and what distinguishes it from other sports? In this article, I’ll explain what a volley is in tennis, … Read more

When Was Tennis Invented? Tennis Scoring & Attire History

Tennis History

Since the Neolithic era, several cultures have enjoyed playing games with a ball or racquet. Mesoamerican ruins point to a location that was particularly significant for ball sports in numerous cultures. So, When was tennis invented? There is proof that tennis-like games were played by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. However, court tennis traces … Read more

Slicing In Tennis: 7 Steps to Perfect Tennis Slice Technique

Tennis Slice Technique

A slicing in tennis may be pretty helpful if used properly. It is employed as a defensive shot that every player should possess and a way to seal points. Since it requires so much touch, some players find it challenging to master, but it is a change of pace that can seriously confuse an opponent. … Read more

What Does LET Mean In Tennis? 2 Rules On Calling A Let

LET Mean In Tennis

One of the most important rules in tennis is the ‘let’. For new players, it seems a rather strange and confusing rule. So, What Does LED Mean In Tennis? Continue reading for more details about rules on calling a “Let”! What Is The Origin Of The Word Let In Tennis? This cannot be said with … Read more

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Wristbands? [5 Primary Reasons]

Tennis Players Wear Wristbands

Tennis matches are notorious for being both intense and lengthy. When you consider the amount of sun and the paved outdoor courts, you can see why these wristbands, also known as sweatbands, are so popular. These are now available in a variety of materials and colors to match the outfit you’re wearing during the game. … Read more

Tennis or Lawn Tennis: What Should You Call It?

Tennis is a popular sport. Some still refer to it by lawn tennis and many simply call it tennis. ‘Tennis’ and ‘Lawn Tennis’ might seem to be obscuring. Which is the correct way to refer to this incredible sport? If you want to know whether to call the sport tennis or lawn tennis, then this … Read more

Why is Roland-Garros (French Open) the Toughest Grand Slam Tournament?

There is novice, easy, medium, master and then there is winning Roland-Garros. Grand Slams being the biggest stage in professional tennis are in general very competitive. But Roland-Garros takes it to a whole new level making it the toughest grand slam in tennis. A lot of tennis players who are considered to be all-time greats have … Read more