How to play badminton double? [Best & Detailed instructions]

Your purpose in learning How To Play Badminton Doubles is just for fun or building the path to becoming a professional player? In any objective, the essential steps you must experience are learning rules, practicing a forehand serve, playing information, and strategizing with teammates. This post is all you need to get started with the fastest racquet sport in the world.

Detailed instructions on how to play badminton double

How to play badminton double
How to play badminton double

#1. Learning Rules

The most important rule on how to play badminton double is to serve diagonally. In the double, the server starts on the right-hand side. The point taker will make the serve. The best of three sets, who wins 21 points each, is the winner in the game.

If you win at odd points like 3,5,7, you will serve from the left box of the court diagonally to the opponent. Similarly, you will serve from the right box diagonally to the opponent with even winning points.

Some other common rules you also need to follow are:

  • Some parts of both feet touch the floor at any time of making or receiving the serve.
  • Don’t step over/in the line or move the feet. It applies to both making the serve and returning the opponent’s serve.
  • Standing inside of the respective box.
  • You still can lean forward or sideways so that your racket is outside of the court lines.
  • Keep the racket head and contact point of the shuttle below 1.15 m or below the waist.

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Badminton serve rules for badminton double
Badminton serve rules for badminton double

#2. Practice a Forehand Serve

A forehand serve requires a good combination of gripping the racket and generating good momentum to hit the shuttle. It is necessary that your grip is comfortable and close to the base of the racket.

The thumb and other middle fingers should rest against each other. The space between your thumb and index finger should be in the shape of a V. Besides, always leave your dominant foot in the back and stand close to the centerline.

Depending on creating a forehand low serve or high serve, you will use different techniques to hit the shuttle. Below, I will show you how to play shuttle badminton doubles:

For a low serve: Slightly bend your elbow back and then forward on impact. The wrist bends a bit forward same time as the elbow goes forward. The low serve just hit over the net and vertically dropped on the opponent’s side. It limits the opponent’s swing and helps get a score easier.

In the high serve, hold the racket over the shoulder and drop it down toward your knees as you swing forward and meet the shuttle. The shuttle must drop vertically near the backcourt of your opponent.

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Practice a Forehand Serve
Practice a Forehand Serve

#3. Play in Formation

In playing badminton doubles, basically, there are attacking formations and defensive formations. In the attacking formation, the front player (setter) stands closer to the net and continues force lifts from the opponent. The player standing at the backcourt (attacker) creates firing powerful shots like a smash.

In the defensive formation, two players will stand side by side to be against smashes from the opponents. To perform a block defense, retrieve your opponent’s smash by lifting the shuttle high. Send the smash right back to the attacker at the baseline.

Play in Formation
Play in Formation

#4. Strategizing with Teammate

As a team sport, it is crucial to understand the strongest & weakest points between you and your partner. Then, speak openly about techniques and how to play badminton doubles to defeat the opponents. Figure out some questions below is the way you are strategizing with a teammate:

  • Who is between the two of you will be in charge of creating smashes or do net skills?
  • Which side of the court is your dominant side?
  • Discuss your strongest formation from the baseline and net?

Also, get in the habit of calling shots by either yelling “mine!” or “yours!” to prevent both of you from rushing toward the shuttle at the same time.

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I hope this concise summary provides you with the key information about How To Play Badminton Double. The best way to play badminton doubles is to practice regularly and have a good strategy with your teammate.

As a beginner, you could also learn techniques from video tutorials and actual games. It would be more visual and easier for you to practice by yourself.

Thank you for reading, and wish you play well in a very short time!