What Is A Forehand Shot In Badminton? [Detailed Explain]

For people who are into playing badminton, the 16th most common sport in the world, I’m sure that you would love to know about every technique in this sport to enhance your badminton playing skills. So, what is a forehand shot in badminton? This article will help you answer this question! Let’s find out now!

What Is A Forehand Shot In Badminton?

What Is A Forehand Shot In Badminton
What Is A Forehand Shot In Badminton

In badminton, a forehand shot is a technique that is carried out with a forehand grip. A forehand shot is a shot that is done on the racket side of the body or on top of the head and it is performed with a forehand grip. This technique is played from midcourt to midcourt with a flat trajectory.

So, if you are left-handed, forehand shots are performed on the left side of your body and if you are right-handed, forehand shots are performed on the right side of your body. In addition to that, all the shots that are hit on top of your body will also be performed as a forehand shot.

This movement is used when the shuttle is too low to smash. As the opponent is pressured to drive back or clear up the bus, it is called an attacking shot.

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How To Perform A Forehandshot In Badminton?

How To Perform A Forehandshot In Badminton
How To Perform A Forehandshot In Badminton

In order to perform this technique without misdoing it, I will show you how your body should pose accordingly.

The preparation, the shot, and the recovery are the three key steps:

Step 1: The Preparation

In this step, you need to use the forehand grip. For your information, a forehand grip is also essential to perform a correct forehand shot. You need to follow these instructions:

  • Place your hand down as if you were going to shake hands with others. You may call this a “grip for a handshake.”
  • Place your hand on the lower end of your racket’s stick, with the handshake grip until you have your hand in that place. The racket head should be parallel to the ground while you keep the racket with a handshake grip.
  • With your thumb on one side of the handle and the other four fingers on the other side of the handle, your hand can form a V formation on the handle.
  • Your index finger will be in the highest position if your grip is correct, and your thumb will be in the lowest position and will touch your middle finger.

After having done the movement correctly, do this next. Start with a split-step right after the opponent hits the shuttle, lead with your racket leg, and lunge or sidestep toward the shuttle on your forehand. The next is to shift the bodyweight onto the leg you have to lunge too.

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Steps To Perform A Forehandshot In Badminton
Steps To Perform A Forehandshot In Badminton

Step 2: The Shot

In this step, for the backswing, you must move the shoulder backward. On the backswing, the wrist is now clenched and pointing upwards. To generate power, however, you need to unleash it straight before trying to hit the shuttle.

Avoid doing a forearm swing as you will tend to hit your shuttle long or wide across the court drive are quick shots, and you’ll not have time to finish the whole action.

Step 3: The Recovery

Once you practice hitting the shot, it’d be better to get back into the ready position. In my own opinion, you should practice this with your opponent for 2 mins to warm up before getting in to smash or drop shot.

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Ready Position In Badminton
Ready Position In Badminton

In Conclusion

The above instruction is about “what is a forehand shot in badminton?” and how to play a forehand shot. As older people said, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you can master this forehand shot.

No more wondering about what a forehand shot in badminton is! Hope this article is helpful.

Thank you for reading!