What is Air Badminton? All-to-know about this Unique Badminton

For a long time, badminton has been known as one of the most popular sports in the world. The more you learn about badminton, the more you will be attracted because there are many interesting things.

Badminton is a relatively simple sport, easy to play, and suitable for many different ages. You can play badminton anywhere and at any time. But a new concept that is “Air Badminton” was launched and stimulated the curiosity of many people. So, if you are a badminton lover, let’s learn a little about “What is Air Badminton?” through the article below!

Origin of Badminton

Badminton originated from the folk game of some ethnic groups in South Asia and Southeast Asia about 2000 years ago.

According to Chinese documents, badminton is derived from the Indian game Poona. This game was widely popular in the Poona area and has a precursor similar to today’s badminton. When playing this game, people use a wooden board to hit a ball woven with velvet yarn, with feathers attached to it, two people beat each other back and forth.

In the 60s of the nineteenth century, some British military officers brought this game from India to England and gradually changed the way it was played. In 1873 in the Badminton region of England, an army officer popularized this game among the nobility of the region. Due to the attractiveness of the game, it soon became widespread throughout the UK. Badminton has since become the English name of badminton.

Badminton in history
Badminton in history

The development of Badminton in the world

Due to rapid development, in 1874 in England, the first rules of badminton were compiled. It was not until 1877 that the first rules of the game were perfected and released to players. In 1893 the British Badminton Association was established. This is the first social organization of this sport in the world established to manage and organize the movement. In 1899, this association organized the first All England Badminton Tournament, and then every five years the tournament is held and maintained until now.

Right from the end of the nineteenth century, badminton was popularized outside England. Starting from the countries in the British Union and then to France and some other European countries. In the early twentieth century, badminton was spread to Asian and American countries, Oceania, and finally Africa. On July 5, 1934, the World Badminton Federation was established, abbreviated in English as (IBF) International Badminton Federation, headquartered in London. In 1939, the IBF passed the international badminton competition rules that all member countries had to follow.

International Badminton Federation (IBF) logo
International Badminton Federation (IBF) logo

From the 20s to the 40s of the twentieth century, badminton was strongly developed in European and American countries such as England, Denmark, the US, Canada… But in the last years of the 40s back here The advantage is in favor of Asian countries. In major tournaments, athletes from Asian countries have won high rankings. Originating from Malaysia to Indonesia, China, Thailand, and more recently Korea.

In 1988 at the Seoul Olympics (Korea), badminton was included in the show’s performance program. By 1992 in Barcelona, ​​badminton was included in the official competition of the Olympic Games – the largest Games on our planet.

Air Badminton is a 5-year joint venture between BWF and Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). The aim is to allow more people to have a positive experience with the sport on the field, grass, or outdoor sand. The concept started to work in 2013. The sport was launched in a grand ceremony in the spring of 2019 in China.

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What is Air Badminton?

What is Air Badminton
What is Air Badminton

After going through the basics, this will be the focus of the article “What is Air Badminton?” 

You are too familiar with the badminton players in the gymnasium. This place is managed by an enclosed space and there is no wind driving the sphere. Air Badminton will play in an open and windy space. Simply put, this is badminton playing outdoors. It uses a badminton racket with a newly designed shuttlecock. 

Air Badminton is designed to be played on grass, hard surfaces, or sand, suitable for parks, playgrounds, and beaches around the world. The new AirShuttle feature is specially designed for better wind resistance than a traditional shuttlecock. There are other changes from the regular Badminton format such as the court size and the rules.

This new outdoor use shuttlecock has been developed to offer more stability and resistance to wind. Aerial badminton opens up opportunities to play the sport for people of all ages and abilities. This will be achieved by allowing badminton to be played on a variety of surfaces.

Air badminton opens up opportunities to play the sport for people of all ages
Air badminton opens up opportunities to play the sport for people of all ages

Where can you play Air Badminton? and What time?

Air Badminton trial tournaments have been held with the BWF and other national badminton governing bodies, which means there isn’t anywhere to play AirBadminton right now. There is no place to buy all the devices as full retail production is yet to be finalized. Because the tools to play them require a high level of professionalism and precision.

Currently, Air Badminton is not widely available so you need to stay in touch with your national or local Badminton governing body for any news on events. Hopefully, in the near future, they will be known to everyone as a popular sport.

The difference of Air Badminton

Difference of Air Badminton
Difference of Air Badminton

First of all, you will be impressed with this special name. “Air” means air, outdoor. Badminton is played outdoors but not indoors?

– The main difference between traditional badminton and AirBadminton is the ball and the design and size of the court. The AirBadairs field has a two-meter dead zone at the front of the field. If the AirShuttle lands in that area, it is considered an error.

– However, AirBad can be played with a traditional racket on existing outdoor badminton courts.

– The orbs used have really different characteristics. AirShuttle is designed to have the same trajectory, sound, and play feel like a traditional indoor space shuttle.

– A dead zone on either side of the net is necessary as the characteristics of AirShuttle make net shots difficult to control. So the net area has been moved out to encourage shots away from the net and facilitate focus situations.

– There is a clearly visible three-meter marker on the sideline. The player shall serve from anywhere after this marker in the court, with both feet stationary. The entire AirShuttle must be below the actual height at the point of impact.

– Air Badminton is played by teams of three, each containing a minimum of one female player. Players are not allowed to hit back twice in a row. The player must allow another team member to make the next turn. This rule creates more movement and increases the strategy element of the game.

– Setting up an AirBadminton yard is very simple. You will only need a grid system and a set of boundaries drawn with specialized paint.

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AirShuttle Used In Air Badminton

The AirShuttle weighs 8g, heavier than a feather or plastic shuttle that both weigh 5g. There are five pylons, allowing the shuttle to be more resistant to wind and thus produce more ‘real flight’ in outdoor conditions.

Air Badmiton’s Rules of the Game

Air Badmiton's Rules of the Game
Air Badmiton’s Rules of the Game

#1. Play Format

AirBad Badminton comes in three formats – singles, doubles or triples. When playing Triples, the player can only press AirShuttle once in a row.

#2. How to serve

To start play, the service must be hit behind the ‘serve marker’ and the AirShuttle must be hit below the height of the net.

#3. Dead Zone

Dead zone eliminates netplay because AirShuttle is difficult to control. Dead zones also reduce worms, minimizing the risk of injury on outdoor surfaces.

#4. Scoring System

Best Air Badminton is 5 sets with 11 points. If the score is 10-all, there should be a two-point advantage. If the point then reaches 12-all, the next point wins.

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Air Badminton Court Dimensions

Air Badminton Court Dimensions
Air Badminton Court Dimensions

This is the first, very noticeable difference between Air Badminton and ‘normal’ badminton.

For the AirBadminton court size, the length is 16m and the width is 6m (or 5m for singles). There is a dead zone on the net, 2m from the center of the yard on either side.

Finally, there is a ‘serve marker’ that should be placed 3m away from the dead zone.

The overall playable area is slightly smaller in the Air Badminton court than in the regular game.


With the above information, you must have understood “What is Air Badminton?“. Air Badminton is a sport that greatly improves health and mood. To play this sport well, you need not only good technique but also a warrior spirit and good health. Running with a treadmill is a way to help you train your body to be more flexible when playing badminton.