Yonex Arcsaber FD Review: Best for Robust and Accurate Shots

There are so many rackets on the market today that you will not be able to enjoy the game unless you carefully select one that suits you. The Yonex Arcsaber FD is one of the best rackets available. This is a racket with all of the attributes of a regular racket.

It has better mobility and energy transmission, making robust and accurate shots easier. Smashes, on the other hand, may underperform due to their weight.

We will take a quick look at the racket’s significant features and what you can expect from its performance in this Yonex Arcsaber FD review. We hope that by doing so, you will be able to assess the product and determine whether it is a viable option in your hunt for the most refined badminton rackets.

Yonex Arcsaber FD review: Technical Details

This racket is known to have a weight classification of 5U, which is different from Yonex’s typical 4U classification. It weighs 78 grams in precise terms, making it one of the lightest rackets on the market today.

However, it is not as light as the Yonex Arcsaber FB, which was supposed to be the company’s lightest racket on the market at the time. The grip on the racket is G4, the same as the grip on the other rackets made by the manufacturer.

This is an ideal size for us, especially for players who, like me, have been using Yonex rackets for a long time. It comes pre-strung, so you may use it right away after taking it out of the package. If you plan on restringing your racket in the future, you should know that the tension should be between 19 and 24 pounds, as recommended by the manufacturer.

The ArcSaber FD is designed for all-around play, as it is also relatively light in hand. If you wish to improve your precision shooting, the Yonex ArcSaber FD is the best choice. Furthermore, the ArcSaber FD allows you to have greater control over your shots.

As you pick up this racket, you will notice increased power and control.

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Yonex Arcsaber FD review: The Pros and Cons

Yonex Arcsaber FD review The Pros and Cons
Yonex Arcsaber FD review The Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Materials

The materials utilised by Yonex are always of the highest quality. As a result, the Yonex Arcsaber FD is constructed of high-quality materials that ensure its performance and value. It is made of graphite and uses Nanometric technology.

  • Excellent Grip

The grip on the Yonex Arcsaber FD is outstanding, with a good control support cap. This design ensures that the racket is stable enough to absorb vibration and stress. It also does a fantastic job of increasing the racket’s steadiness. The player’s comfort is considered while the racket’s balance is developed.

  • Lightweight

This racket’s weight is rated medium, as shown by its great control and speed. Because of this lightweight feature, players can efficiently respond to attacks from opponents. Moreover, you do not have to exert much effort when swinging. However, due to its tight flex, it still requires power.

Yonex Arcsaber FD's weight is rated medium
Yonex Arcsaber FD’s weight is rated medium
  • Large Sweet Spot

This racket has a high-quality string that boosts the sweet spot portion. This design ensures that players can hit the shuttle with maximum power even if they are not correctly positioned.


  • Short Length

One of the issues with this racket is that some people may find the length somewhat shorter than they are accustomed to. This can be a concern if you have long arms. Otherwise, there should not be much to be concerned about.

  • Requires More Wrist Action

Even though this is a light racket, players will still have to utilize their wrists. Wrists can be strained as a result of this. This is due to the severe flex of the racket, which necessitates a forceful swing and wrist power. This is why it is not a good idea for newcomers. I can imagine how exhausting it would be to learn to play with this racket.

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Yonex Arcsaber FD review: Features and Benefits

A higher-performing racquet is made to withstand the negative spin and be shot so effectively, and you do not have to worry about that with ArcSaber FD. One of the most admirable aspects of this racquet is its excellent feel. You can even use it as an extension of your arm, giving you more space to take wide photos.

Yonex Arcsaber FD review Features and Benefits
Yonex Arcsaber FD review Features and Benefits

#1. Nanometric

The racquet is rooted in nano-science since the materials used have been combined with carbon fibers to help hold them together snugly without any gaps. It provides much-needed durability and strength to the racquet.

#2. Isometric

Yonex designed the squared isometric frame of the racquet to ensure that the vertical strings are the same length as the horizontal lines, allowing the sweet spot to expand in practically all directions where you hit your shots.

#3. Nano air Spring

It contains resin bindings with nano air springs that link the carbon fibers to allow the nanoscale air bubbles to do their duties and preserve the racquet’s flex like a spring, which is my favourite feature. Because of the energy transfer, this technology puts the power behind the shots.

#4. T-Joint (Built-in)

Yonex’s T-Joint, sculpted deep into the graphite layers where the shaft connects to the frame, is a trademark. This joint creates a high-strength, durable frame that is torque-free.

Yonex Arcsaber FD review: Overall Performance

Yonex Arcsaber FD review Overall Performance
Yonex Arcsaber FD review Overall Performance

As one would expect from a racket as light as the Yonex Arcsaber FD, your service will be excellent. It will direct the shuttle to the location you specify.

On the other hand, smashes might be relatively weak in force. This is because he is light. If you want a racket that performs better in smashes, go for one that is a little heavier, especially on the head. You might be satisfied with Yonex Voltric Glan Z or Yonex Voltric Lite for this.

Its ability to deliver precise and powerful strikes is also undeniable. The shuttle will be able to stay on the string bed for a longer duration. This permits it to store as much energy as possible, allowing it to go a long distance when released.

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Who is It For?

The Yonex Arcsaber FD is a badminton racket designed for intermediate and aggressive players. This racket is designed for individuals who want great agility without much effort. If you enjoy making quick strokes, this is the game for you. It will enable you to swing at a high rate while keeping accurate control.


The Yonex Arcsaber FD will undoubtedly be an excellent choice for faster swing rates and exceptional control. It is one of the company’s lightest rackets, allowing you to swing freely and smash hard. It may not be as powerful as other head-heavy rackets, but you can count on it to give excellent results.