Yonex Voltric 2 Review: Fast Racket for Powerful Hits

Badminton is considered a popular sport all over the world. The supporting accessories manufacturing industry is also growing day by day. Badminton rackets from many different brands are produced every year. In the article “Yonex Voltric 2 Review“, we would like to introduce to you the popular racket of the Yonex brand.

Yonex at a glance

Yonex is the world’s No. 1 badminton racket manufacturer from Japan. This is a great brand you can’t miss. As Yonex is a renowned sponsor of the All England Badminton Championships, and an important partner in the World Badminton Federation, it guarantees the running of the World Badminton Championships.

Yonex specializes in manufacturing badminton rackets that ensure speed stability as well as perfect tactical support. Most products are designed with a square head, bent at the impact point. Yonex racquets are researched to help the shuttlecock stay on the racquet’s surface longer. As a result, increasing the ability to control the bridge of the players.

The rackets that Yonex introduces to the market are quality products, with incredible stability and speed. Leading in production technology, Yonex’s racquets are all equipped with the most modern technologies. Most of the rackets of the top players in the rankings are Yonex branded. Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket was once used by No. 1 player Lee Chong Wei, Yonex Voltric 7 G4 was used by legendary player Lin Dan…

Yonex is the number one brand in the world in terms of rackets sold and is used by many big names and athletes. At the same time, Yonex is also a major sponsor for tournaments around the world and an important partner of the world’s badminton federation. The huge decision to the championship.

Why are Yonex rackets so famous?

Why are Yonex rackets so famous
Why are Yonex rackets so famous

 High-end Yonex racquets from Japan, born in 1946. Intermediate rackets are made in Taiwan and primary rackets are made in China. If you choose to buy this type of racket, you need to pay attention because it is copied a lot. Yonex racquets are divided into 3 segments: high-end, mid-range, and low-priced aimed at players who are professional badminton players or movement players, or new players.

 Currently, perhaps Yonex is still the most famous brand of badminton racket in the world because over 81% of professional badminton players choose it. 

 A good quality badminton racket suitable for the athlete’s tactics has decided up to 50% of the victory in the match. The badminton rackets manufactured by Yonex are all guaranteed power, stability, and speed. With a square and curved head design on the impact point, Yonex badminton rackets help players keep the shuttlecock on the racquet surface longer so it is easier to control the direction of the shuttle more accurately. These racquets are suitable for both novice and professional players.

Yonex badminton rackets are deployed by the company in a variety of ways, suitable for each style and playing style of players. It is not too difficult to find a racket that fits your budget and needs.

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Yonex Voltric 2 Review

Yonex Voltric 2 Review
Yonex Voltric 2 Review

The Yonex Voltric 2 Badminton Racket is a fast racquet thanks to its lightweight (4U) and Tri-Voltage system for powerful hits.

#1. Product Introduction of Yonex Voltric 2 Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric 2 badminton racket is a mid-range racket manufactured based on the technologies of the Voltric series from badminton manufacturer Yonex.

The shaft with medium stiffness helps to swing the racquet quickly and control the shuttle better. The demand curve will be stable and the direction of fall will be at the desired point of the player.

The racquet is designed with a white T-joint and shaft, a red frame, and a black painted head and details on the black frame to create a harmonious and beautiful overall racquet. The racket is suitable for mid-range players, semi-professionals, players in the style of attacking.

The weight of the racket is light, so even though this is a heavy-duty racquet, it is still easy for players to rotate flexibly to not only have strong attacks but also be flexible in speeding in fast bridges.

#2. Technologies applied to Yonex Voltric 2


For the first time, the new technology TRI-VOLTAGE successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and superb handling. The stiff structure at the top of the frame allows the head to flex in a very controlled manner and keep the shuttlecock on the rubber for longer.

Yonex Voltric 2 TRI-Voltage system
Yonex Voltric 2 TRI-Voltage system


Square design technology helps to ensure the similarity in length and angle of the vertical and horizontal strings, maximizes the sweet spot in all directions, and the racket frame is larger so when the bridge hits the rubber at different points on the racquet still provides the best hitting feeling.


The purpose of the oval frame face design is so that when hitting the racquet, the wind will let the air pass, the BOX FRAME beveled on both sides makes the racket more sturdy. The design helps to increase aerodynamics, helping us swing the racquet faster, smash the shuttle harder.


The improved bond strength between the carbon fibers allows taking racquet construction to another level. By reducing the amount of carbon in the shaft by more than 60% compared to a conventional racquet while maintaining rigidity, the racquet swings 30km/h faster.


Technology is applied inside the core of the frame, inside the core is a foam layer. This foam layer has the role of reducing harmful vibrations, the main purpose is to help absorb shocks and shocks to the hand when the hand is under pressure from the hard shaft of the racquet.

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How to maintain and use the Yonex Voltric 2 badminton racket

How to maintain and use the Yonex Voltric 2
How to maintain and use the Yonex Voltric 2

Any tool needs proper use and adequate maintenance for the best durability. For badminton rackets from the Yonex brand, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

– Avoid leaving the racquet in high-temperature places such as the trunk of a car, in the hot sun.

– Keep the racquet in a separate compartment, avoid colliding with other hard objects, and have space. Do not let the racket be compressed and tight, over time it will cause deformation of the racket.

– Regularly check the racquet gene before tensioning, change the gene after 2-3 times of racquet tension, avoid genetic subsidence.

– Playing on a dedicated carpet court also contributes to the durability of the racket when it hits the ground.

– Stretch the racket to the correct amount of weight specified by the manufacturer.

– When not in use for a long time, cut off the charge. Note cutting from the middle of the array evenly to 4 sides, absolutely do not cut from the top, bottom, or from left, right.

– If your hands are sweaty, you should stick a layer of tape on the wooden handle to make it waterproof. Use extra hand-drying powder/gel and use a stretch wrap to help absorb more sweat.

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Above is “Yonex Voltric 2 Review” which is highly appreciated for both quality and appearance. For players with a comprehensive approach to attack, they should own a Voltric racquet to promote their full ability in practice and competition. Besides, to play well in badminton, you also need tough physical strength, a warrior spirit. Wish you have successful matches!