Yonex Voltric 70 Review: Best Badminton Racket in 2023

The badminton players worldwide are all about the Yonex rackets. Have you got any ideas about that? If not, check this Yonex Voltric 70 review now!

If you are a true badminton player and have certain knowledge about the top-notch rackets on the market, you have probably heard of the long-standing brand Yonex. If not, this Yonex Voltric 70 review post will give you all the information needed!

For those who are not active in this field, I can confirm that Yonex manufactures one of the world’s best badminton rackets.

Over the years, this brand is famous for providing badminton racquets with plenty of features and benefits. There are numerous excellent Yonex rackets, but I can’t see anything worth more than a Yonex Voltric 70 E-Tune.

This badminton equipment has never ceased to amaze many professional players because of its perfect combination of attack and defense abilities. For further details about this outstanding product, my post provides a thorough Yonex Voltric 70 review.

Yonex Voltric 70 Review: Pros and Cons

Yonex Voltric 70 Review Pros and Cons
Yonex Voltric 70 Review Pros and Cons

Though there have been compliments about the Voltric 80 or the Voltric Z Force II, personally, the Voltric 70 is much better than these counterparts.

Upon encountering this Yonex 70, I was amazed by its extreme lightweight of 0.18 pounds. This impressive weight enables players to perform powerful smashes over and over again without feeling arm fatigue.

With that said, here are some advantages and minor drawbacks to consider.


  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent defense
  • Excellent control and maneuverability


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

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Why will you love the Yonex Voltric 70?

Why will you love the Yonex Voltric 70
Why will you love the Yonex Voltric 70

Reason 1: Its excellent features

#1. Technical specifications

When choosing a racket, its weight and grip are the first criteria for advanced users to consider.

This badminton equipment has a perfectly average weight of 0.18 pounds with a 4U weight classification. Plus, the grip size is G4 of approximately 3.5 inches.

The racket was designed with a stiff structure at the top of the frame, allowing the head to move in a more controlled way and better hold shuttles on the string bed.

This feature may pose difficulties for novices, who will benefit from a more flexible shaft.

This racket is a head-heavy racket! It weights at the top of the frame and the joint area, providing excellent handling while maintaining power. Thanks to this feature, Yonex racket often generates powerful smashes!

Yonex Voltric 70 is super lightweight
Yonex Voltric 70 is super lightweight

#2. Material and construction

While playing with this racquet, you will notice significantly minimized vibration and improved stability.

Why is that? The shaft’s main material makes the difference! Yonex used Ultra PEF for this racket’s shaft –  a durable material, well-known for shock absorption.

The similarity between Yonex 70 and other products of this brand is the innovative Tri-Voltage system, allowing players to move with exceptional speed.

Lastly, Yonex applied the Super High Modulus Graphite technology to enhance the racket’s repulsion, making it easier to use.

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Reason 2: The outstanding advantages

Speaking of Yonex Voltric 70’s advantages, I can list them for days. However, I’ll pick the most outstanding benefits not to waste your time.

Super powerful smashes

As aforementioned, this Voltric racket’s head is heavier than the rest of its body, which will ultimately generate more energy to send the shuttle to the other side of the court.

Normally the match outcome is based on how you control the power pushed on the shuttle. With this racket, you can create different power levels, helping you win the match more easily!

Yonex Voltric 70 for super powerful smashes
Yonex Voltric 70 for super powerful smashes

Large sweet spot

A large sweet spot is another plus point! The sweet spot is where the shuttle gets the most energy, so the larger the sweet spot is, the more chance the shuttle will get the power needed.

Yonex racket can make it thanks to its isometric head, commonly found in many other rackets of this brand like Yonex Voltric 5FX and Yonex Arcsaber 9FL.

Ideal for defense

Are you a defensive player? Good, this product won’t disappoint you.

Defense play requires a quick movement combining with quick reaction time and power generated. Voltric 70, with its thin sides, will allow more flex in the frame transferring.

Moreover, the stiff structure will create more power transferred to the shuttle!

Yonex Voltric 70 is ideal for defense
Yonex Voltric 70 is ideal for defense

Powerful sounding

When playing in a badminton match, there will be more encouragement when the sound of the shuttle hitting the strings is strong and powerful.

Yonex Voltric 70, with its special material, will decrease dull sound waves and high-pitched sounds; only sharp and powerful ones are generated, putting more pressure on your opponents!

Excellent maneuverability and minimal air resistance

This racket version of Yonex has a flat surface and less air resistance, thanks to the new Control Support Cap. For being a faster and highly-maneuverable racquet, this badminton equipment will fasten your reaction over the shuttle.

From the top 5 advantages listed in the Yonex Voltric 70 review, there is no denying that it is well-equipped with different modern technologies, bringing you superior performance and the best playing experience.

Try it for once, and you’ll play badminton for hours on end!

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Customer’s review on Yonex Voltric 70

Customer’s review on Yonex Voltric 70
Customer’s review on Yonex Voltric 70

Much has been said about the Yonex Voltric 70 as they are the best choice or the best racket. Here are some general Yonex Voltric 70 review!

  1. The racket looks premium thanks to its nice color combination.
  2. It is incredibly lightweight, only about 0.15 pounds.
  3. Regarding performance, it’s a head-heavy racket that gives you double power while smashing, ideal for advanced players.

Wrapping up

To sum this Yonex Voltric 70 review up, I would emphasize that it is one of the current best rackets. Why? The answer is its impressive features like its lightweight, powerful smashes, large sweet spot, etc., listed above.

Although the price is slightly high, I trust it will be a good investment if you want to play badminton long-term.