Yonex Voltric FB Review: Best Racket for Ease of Control

Almost every player will want to acquire one of the best badminton rackets available. The Yonex brand of badminton rackets remains the top option due to the vast range of flexibility they provide when utilized.

More importantly, the design distinguishes them and makes them incredibly useful. Yonex Voltric FB, for example, is one of the best badminton rackets in the Yonex range.

Furthermore, while the racket is highly regarded, some may consider it a terrible investment due to the expensive price tag.

On the other hand, this Yonex Voltric FB review will show you the beauty and features that justify the price.

Yonex Voltric FB review: Technical Details

The weight categorization of the Yonex Voltric FB is F, which indicates it weighs between 70 and 75 grams. This is substantially less expensive than most of the company’s rackets, which are frequently 3U or 4U. The racket also comes in a 5U form, weighing 78 grams, and is similar to the Yonex Arcsaber FD.

This racket also differs from the majority of Yonex rackets in that the grip is a G5, although the majority of the company’s rackets are G4. The G5 racket handle classification is the smallest. This is fine for folks with tiny hands; however, if you want to feel more comfortable, we recommend using an over-grip.

On the other side, this is rigid in terms of flex. Stiff rackets are excellent for experienced players, but they might be challenging to control for newcomers.

Finally, this is a racket that favors the head when it comes to balance. This will be an excellent choice for aggressive hitters who enjoy making tremendous smashes.

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Yonex Voltric FB review: The Pros and Cons

Yonex Voltric FB review The Pros and Cons
Yonex Voltric FB review The Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Control

Because the racket is lightweight, it will be pretty easy to manage if you are an intermediate or advanced player. You can easily maneuver it, making you more sensitive to your opponent’s attacks.

  • Excellent Smash

The racket’s high smashing power provides it a substantial advantage over other rackets on the market. The rackets’ remarkable smashing strength is due to the head-heavy balance used in their construction. Yonex Voltric 80 and Yonex Voltric i-Force are two other powerful rackets created by this firm.

  • Durable

Given the racket’s high price, this is something we expect. It may be light, but that does not imply that its structural integrity has been compromised. It is composed of revolutionary and long-lasting materials from the frame to the handle.


  • Expensive

One of the downsides that many people have with this product is the price of the rackets. We are confident that the price tag will put off many new people to the sport. On the other hand, beginners can utilize the Yonex Muscle Power 2 as a recommended racket.

  • Unstable

The rackets might be unstable when used is something that many people complain about. The majority of folks who complain about this have yet to master the racket product. The racket’s instability could be due to the lightweight materials in its construction.

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Yonex Voltric FB review: Feature & Benefits

Yonex Voltric FB review Feature & Benefits
Yonex Voltric FB review Feature & Benefits

#1. Tri-Voltage System

This racket incorporates a tri-voltage system, making the head heavier and more potent than other rackets, including prior Yonex rackets. You may rest assured that its speed will never be jeopardized while employed.

#2. Isometric Head

It has an isometric head, which allows for a more excellent sweet spot than you would anticipate from an oval head. The shuttle will still carry significant power and speed from the string bed even if you miss the off-center hits. As a result, you can be confident that you have purchased the correct racket.

#3. Lightweight

Perhaps if you are a skilled or intermediate player, you will find it relatively easy to manage the racket due to its lightweight build in the user’s hand. The racket is adaptable, allowing you to reach your goal in any way while playing. Because of its design, you will have great flexibility in responding to strikes from the other side.

#4. Black MicroCore

The racket is composed of Black microcore, which is incredible. It is the first Yonex racket model to feature such a high level of technology. It is a high-density, rigid substance that’s great for increasing the racket’s vibration dampening capabilities. Because the shock is absorbed, this is crucial for improving comfort.

Yonex Voltric FB review: Overall Performance

Yonex Voltric FB review Overall Performance
Yonex Voltric FB review Overall Performance

As previously stated, smashing is one of the best aspects of this racket. Despite its lightweight, the extra weight on the head allows for a stronger smash, making it ideal for defense.

Swings and follow-throughs will be rapid as well, thanks to its lightweight. The food will be outstanding as well. There is a slim possibility you will strain your wrist or hand, which is more likely if you are playing hefty rackets.

Because the Yonex Voltric FB features a lightweight body, switching from attack to defense will be simple.

Speed and power are two of the most significant ways to describe this racket’s performance.

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Who Is It For?

When it comes to the racket’s price, it is designed for individuals who are already experienced in the sport and are willing to pay a premium for excellent quality. It is also better suited to doubles, but it will serve as an excellent all-around racket.

It will be an excellent badminton racket for players who place a premium on control and power. The lightweight body makes it easy to manage, while the additional weight on the head gives it much force.


The Yonex Voltric FB Badminton Racket is currently the best among other goods. It is designed to be lightweight so that you may take advantage of its services without feeling stressed.

It is simple, and intermediate and advanced players and experts can immediately attack the opponent with the rackets’ excellent power capabilities.

Furthermore, the Voltric FB Badminton Racket is one of the best rackets that professional players would recommend for emerging players to use when playing due to its incredible benefits and high power capability.

As a result, if you appreciate the advantages of this badminton racket, you should consider purchasing it.