Yonex Voltric Lite Review: Lightweight Racket for Strong Smash

The Yonex Voltric Lite is one option that should be at the top of your list if you are looking for the best badminton racket developed for beginners. It is good that power is never sacrificed, even though it is fantastic for beginners.

It is beginner-friendly, similar to the Yonex Nanoray 10 and the Yonex Arcsaber 001. The only difference is that, despite the latter, it delivers results that are comparable to those found in more expensive options on the market.

Read this Yonex Voltric Lite review, and we will show you how to analyze its characteristics and, in the end, determine if this is the one for you.

Yonex Voltric Lite review: Technical Details

It is classified as 4U due to its approximate weight of 83 grams. Even novices will find this weight to be ideal. It is not too light, but it is also not too hefty.

According to the classification, it is a G4 grip, according to the categorization. This is what you will find in the majority of Yonex rackets. When the user first handled it, they had that comfortable feeling because they had been using this brand for a long time.

The racket is pre-strung, so it is ready to use right away. If you need to replace the string after some time, keep in mind that the suggested string tension is between 19 and 24 pounds.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is head-heavy in balance. This is why, even though it is intended for beginners, it has many strengths.

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Yonex Voltric Lite review: Pros and Cons

Yonex Voltric Lite review Pros and Cons
Yonex Voltric Lite review Pros and Cons

# Pros

  • Lightweight

The lightweight body, which makes it easy to handle, makes this an excellent pick for beginners.

The Voltric Lite is constructed of durable, lightweight materials. It is a piece of cake to control.

Swinging is also simple and does not sap your energy to the point of exhaustion.

When employing this product, you will be able to achieve more accurate hits due to its excellent maneuverability.

The racket also has a thick head. Your shots become more powerful because more energy is passed to the shuttle.

Compared to a racket with a lighter head, this model will help you rack up points quickly.

You can also feel the racket’s movement during the game, which helps you focus on the game.

  • Flexible Shaft

The racket comes with a slightly flexible shaft. This is advantageous to you in several ways.

It indicates that your repulsions will be so powerful that your opponent may consider giving up. It also means you will be able to deliver strong smashes with little effort.

The shaft’s flexibility improves the amount of energy delivered to the shuttle. As a result, you will always be able to send the shuttle flying with maximum speed and momentum.

The shots you make with this racket are likely to startle your opponent and are relatively easy to execute.

  • Isometric Design

A square-shaped string bed is included with this product.

The strings are strung simultaneously, resulting in a more excellent sweet spot. Every player, especially those just beginning out, wishes for a large sweet spot in their racket. It allows you to hit the shuttle with both precision and force.

With increased shuttlecock control, you will be able to effortlessly direct it to areas where your opponent will not be able to save it. It will assist you in gaining an advantage in competitive matchups. Developing new talents will not be a difficult task during training.

The Voltric lite combines two frame designs, the Box frame with angular edges and the Aero Frame with oval edges, to provide the racket an excellent aerodynamic performance and a solid feel while striking the shuttle.

Yonex Voltric Lite Isometric Design
Yonex Voltric Lite Isometric Design
  • Large sweet spot of a racket

The sweet spot of a racket is the location where the majority of the kinetic energy of the swing is transferred to the shuttlecock; striking the sweet spot produces a particular sound and feel.

The breadth of a sweet sport varies depending on various parameters, including racket size, design, and, most crucially, head shape.

The isometric head shape provides a more prominent sweet spot, an excellent benefit for any badminton player. It makes hitting the shuttlecock at the correct angle and with good power much more accessible for beginners and casuals. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced players for high-speed games, as the isometric head shape reduces the chances of a bad hit, which can be costly.

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# Cons

  • Large sweet spot of a racket

Everything we have mentioned about the Yonex Voltric Lite has been positive, but are there any drawbacks?

Although the more prominent sweet spot of the isometric head delivers less concentrated power than an oval-shaped racket, some of the most accomplished badminton players may prefer that minor power advantage over the precision of the isometric head’s sweet spot. However, this issue will not bother you if you are a novice or intermediate.

  • Not for Advanced Player

This is not the racket for you if you are an advanced player. Its design and functionality are aimed at beginners. Yes, it has much power, but it might not be adequate for folks with high demands or more aggressive gamers. The Yonex Nanospeed 9900 is an alternative worth considering.

Yonex Voltric Lite review: Material and Construction

Yonex Voltric Lite review Material and Construction
Yonex Voltric Lite review Material and Construction

The isometric head form, which is found in many other models from the brand, including the Yonex Duora 77, is one of the standout aspects of this racket. This is why the main and cross strings are built with strings of comparable length. As a result, the sweet spot is broader, resulting in more power in every shot.

It is also worth noting that it features the ground-breaking Tri-Voltage System. Even though the weight is concentrated on the top of the head, it is still manageable. The shuttle will be held in the string bed for a more extended period, allowing you to observe how powerful your shot is when released. This also allows you to make a more forceful smash, useful in defensive situations.

Last but not least, the racket shaft is highly flexible. You will be able to generate enough power without having to hit hard. Moving the racket is simple, regardless of your stroke.

Yonex Voltric Lite review: Overall Performance

Yonex Voltric Lite review Overall Performance
Yonex Voltric Lite review Overall Performance

You do not have to put in much effort when serving. This is why it is classified as a beginner’s game. Without straining your wrist, you can strike the shuttle hard.

Your smashes will be just as strong as your serves. This is typical with head-heavy rackets like the Yonex Voltric 80. It will be easy to stun your opponents with the smash you are about to make.

Slicing through the air is also relatively simple, which can be due to the lightweight nature of this badminton racket.

With reduced air resistance, the racket will be easier to handle. You do not need to know everything there is to know about the techniques.

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Who Is It For?

The Yonex Voltric Lite is designed for those who do not want to sacrifice power or performance. It is for folks who enjoy smashing things. If you want a head-heavy racket that will land the shuttle exactly where you want it, this is your racket.

Beginners can use the racket as well. It lacks unique features that can satisfy the demands of more discriminating customers. This does not, however, imply that the performance will be subpar.


With typical Yonex racket characteristics, this model provides unrivaled excellence. It is robust, but it also allows you to play with agility. When you use the shuttle, you will hit it with speed, power, and accuracy.

If you are unsure which racket is best for you, we recommend immediately getting the Yonex Voltric Lite. It will provide you with numerous advantages. You will have taken the first step in improving your badminton skills.